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The Naked Sun - text


Going on addition got to test you strong
Listen to your feelings had enough to get you warm
Never hoing to make it so they just give us a break
But would you like to wear it right away
You did the right thing just couldn't let go
Never gotta find it, it's going through your soul
Even though I find it I gotta chase it now

I feel the naked sun. It makes me wanna lose my mind
I'm in the mood for fun, I just begun
I feel the naked sun. It makes me wanna lose my mind
It takes me to a higher ground. I'm on the run

Better stop wishing that was just a waste
If you want to get it, you must honor this place
Let's make a world. I think you're in love with yourself
You really are as good as the almighty one himself
And you can do it. It's calling you forever
As long as it means, can be together
As long as it means, you and mef orever

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