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Via dolorosa - text

We walk the narrow path
Between the sacred and profane
Years we've been waiting
For the saviour to take away the pain
Where are you now, o Lord?
In this hour of great need
If thou have not forsaken us
Why does your People bleed?
We held our hands up high to the skies
To pray for you
Why haven't you heard?
Our faith is lost
You're no shepherd to this herd
Now we are wolves
The hunt is set on you
We're a river of crying souls
Lives lost on your behalf
We are pleading for revenge
For we have suffered long enough
And through hurt we stand tall
We are gathered here this day
All the people you have betrayed
A colossal storm heading your way
Look what you have done
Behold what you've made us do
We hold our hands up high to the skies
To take hold of you
And bring you down to Earth
Tear at your wings
And drag you over the dirt
How does it feel
To be like one of us?

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