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I Gotta Stop - text

Gotta stop myself from running back to you

I don't know, what is real
Always make 'in it feel
Like I don't know what I'm thinking

Blow your cool
Drop the ball
Throw your fist, through the wall
Without even blinking

And the more you swear
That you have changed
The more you stay the same

I gotta stop
I gotta stop
I gotta stop myself from running back to you
[repeat chorus]

Stop coming
Stop running
Stop dreaming
Stop feeling

Build me up
Tear me down
Till I feel
Like a clown
That's just what I'm used to

When you should 'pologize
It's my fault, no surprise
But now I see through you



Can you sleep at night
Oh it must be nice
To always have the other hand
I'm already gone
And you still don't understand...

[Chorus x4]

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Lindsay Pagano texty

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