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Wakin’ up bad, I’m sick in my head
I’m blinded by the light
My eyes are red, I’m officially dea
So how are you doing Otherside?
All the frustration’s just imagination
My mind plays tricks on me
It’s bringing me down as it goes around
I’m not what I used to be
That’s a way of bad thinking what keeps me alone in a nightmare
Get even more lost in drinking until it sedates my mind
Paranoia’s calling, it brings the noise in silence
You can watch me falling off the wagon all the time

I look ironic but I’m just neurotic
So take me to rehab
I’m so confused, my mind is unused
It seems so tangled web
My blood forgot the way to my brain
It makes me paralyzed
Faded by sorrow, my place grows narrow
Bad dreams realized

I’m drifted away
I’m gone insane
And i ’ll be strung out everyday
Fall into peaces
In the crisis
It’s getting stronger day by day
Drowned by a slayer
Like a sailor
In the melancholy’s booze
Can’t find the reason
In mind’s prison
My solitary’s solitude

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Video přidal andrew656

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