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Loving Me (Prod. By Mike Squires) - text

At the wrong time for all the wrong reasons
Fighting for the money so this life is open season
All these memories my jail so this music is my freedom
With my boys after school we be twisting up the serum
Never hear them in my eardrum if they talking that hate-shit
Said you keep it real but all I hear is you're the fakest
Now everybody wanna work
Feeling like I made it
But I ain't done shit yet
See I be killing the flows
Playing these shows nobody knows
Give me a year and ten reasons to see me and my team on the roads
Now we chilling out in Malibu
Drinking on some Malibu
Driving while a thottie giving brain for about a mile or two
Said she can be the Nikki to my Drake
Girl make me proud of you
Studio on Monday, Tuesday then its back to school
Can begin again
I'm so stuck to this
All of my new shit, she be so in love with it
So when this drop you can go fuck with it
You know that I run it all

[Verse 2: P.MO]
Mentally distracted, emotionally unavailable
Come to see you when you need me
How I never care for you?
Always be right here for you
Every time you call up
Cooking like I'm Curry with the wrist, know I'm a baller
Cold to me like winters
So now I'm falling like autumn
Know you're so tired because loving me is exhausting
Yeah baby, you give me powers like I'm Austin
Tryna fuck you in the shower in a hotel out in Boston
I can take you there
Anywhere that you wanna go
[?] and around the globe
Drunk as fuck, speaking Japanese to Korean hoes
So gone for so long, found my way home
I been putting the work in
Skrtin' and searchin' for all of the earnings
'Bout to take the city over cause you know I been lurking
I don't need your help
Cause it's me and Squires by ourselves
And we ain't stopping this till we got Grammys on the shelves

[Verse 3: P.MO]
Now I can really rap if you want me to
This kid going in, man, is impossible
Now it's plausible that you're an obstacle
I bet I could get over you like I dodged a bullet
[?], streets to Spain
Spit some verses make 'em go insane
Capital P to the M-O
Better remember the name
I won't call back
Who told you that
I don't have time for all of your games
I'm too busy when I blow up you gon' miss me
That's a fact for sure
Baby if you sink or swimming you paddle and back to shore
Oh man, oh damn, here we go again
The flow dope like a [?] smoking it
I'm so lit the flow switch
In the studio from the night to the early mornings
Got a [?] when she [?] over
You should not smoke
Now I'm never sober
And I got this drive just like aranged
You ain't even in my lane
Telling me to never change when I get my chain
But the fame does these things that start fucking with my brain
I'm the same, I swear
Say you love me, but you were never here
When I drop my new shit you won't even give a shit
How you can?

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