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Come Home (Prod. Mike Squires) - text

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I told Mike give me somethin' I can vent on
Somethin' that when it dropped maybe I
Can pay the rent on, see I'm just tired of
Being led on the visions in my brain somethin'
Everyone go get fed off so if you doubt or if
You hate then you don't come around for
One hate it is a hundred that can hold me down
I be the man up in my city ask about me when you
Come to town if you ever come to town I don't
Speak much fake moves in silence let the music
Talk so I don't have to get violent chillin' at your
Funeral playing on some violins trying to
Make millions wonder if they feelin' him
Steal your girl like I ain't got no feelings yes I
Am awake but I be still dreaming ain't no
Ricky Ross best believe I stay scheming
If I said ima do it then I mean it
They want me to come home but
I ain't never leaving in the studio is
Where I found my peace in
In the studio tryin' to solve all my problems
I got demons I can't deny it
If I said I didn't miss you I be lyin'
I've been driving trying to clear my mind
Putting on mileage speed don't make me high
You will never take me higher
I've been smoking less just to get what I desire
New year same me no L's
I've been working hard if you can't tell
Ima do it for myself
Ima do it for the fam
Nah you ain't gotta act like that
I can feel it in my chest like an asthma attack
Say I'm being a little cocky gotta act like that
Ima take it right back can't nobody fuck with me
I don't keep you around 'cause you bad company
Can't come at me with the bullshit
They want me to come home but
I ain't never leaving in the studio is
Where I found my peace in

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