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The Lakes Of Cool Flynn - text

It was early one morning Willie Leonard arose
Into his comrade's bed chamber he goes
Saying arise my loyal comrades, let nobody know
It's a fine summer's morning and bathing we'll go
But as they were walking all down a long lane
Who should they meet with but a keeper of game
Go back Willie Leonard, do not venture in
There's deep and false waters in the lakes of Cool Flynn
Young Willie jumped in and he swam the lake round
Till he came to an island but not the right ground
Go back my loyal comrades, do not follow me in
There's deep and false waters in the lakes of Cool Flynn
It was later that morning Willie's sister arose
And straight to her mother's bedchamber she goes
Saying mother, dearest mother, I have had a strange dream
Young Willie lies floating in a watery stream
It was later that morning Willies mother got there
Wringing her hands and tearing her hair
Saying where was he drowned where did he fall in?
There's death in false waters in the lakes of Cool Flynn
O the day of his funeral it was such a fine sight
With four and twenty young men and they're all dressed in white
Four and twenty young men to lay him in cold clay
Said adieu to young Willie and they all marched away

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