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In the shadow of the concrete giants
Got to live there from day to day
Grey cold houses have been there for too long
Hear the voices of the kids'sad song
In our city grows a bomb
In this wasteland they've bred a new age
Crammed together like rats in a cage
They've built a time bomb that is running fast
Use their fucking coencrete to plug up their arses
It's the place where you're at home
Have grown and where you roam
Hell, how you hate this town
- this Concrete jungle
Got nowhere else to go
Looks like this anyhow
Has transformed in a ghetto
- this concrete jungle
The streets look desolate
And decay has set in there yet
Oh what a dreary sight
- this concrete jungle
Their dreams of progress
But the empty shells remained
Where the now lodge our kind
- this concrete jungle
It's a wastland of our days
Where crime and aggro rise
That's a fact they face
- this concrete jungle

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