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Donna con te " - anna oxa - - text

English lyrics:

So many memories behind me
I'll write them down in the diary of life
and I'll keep those old heart-beats in my present
I'll be an angel for you
that woman that you can hold tight to your heart
but if needed, like the sun, I'll light up your senses
and slowly I'll turn them off

woman with you, who knows what do you know about me?
woman with you if you want it
Your hands on me
are already forcing my lock
but the door of my heart will suddenly open
and another woman will come out
I'll be a woman who find again her femininity
and will give it to you
surprise you just with her simplicity
and that will love you
how much sky above us
this age of mine colour it if you can
and I'll erase the nights in black-and-white
because I will be woman with you

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Video přidala veverka09

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