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Mars One - text

Verse 1:
Hey! …We are space invaders

Great…galaxy crusaders

Now…it’s time to lift off

Go! … Keep all engines running

Up! … Ready for the flying

From…the planet called Earth

Verse 2:

Fly… through the endless cosmos

It’s… like a maze of notions

In…the city of stars

Start…hyper jump from here

Down…to the atmosphere

Of…the planet called Mars.


When you close your eyes

Try to realize

That infinity is too shot
Don’t give up, my friend

This is not the end

Just beginning of brand new giant leap for humanity.

Chorus 1:

This feeling tears me, breaks me, drives me insane

No matter how far we’ll roam

And it is very scary, hard to explain

We’ll never ever come back home.

Verse 3:

No! … Please don’t turn around

‘Cause…there is no more doubt

All… the burdens’ been gone

We… have a great ambition

And… ready for the mission

Which… is known as Mars One.
(Bogdan Vasyliev)

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