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Broken Spell - text

Verse 1:
There’s a story I can tell,

You never heard it.

It’s about a broken spell

And no returning.

Thirty years ago

Girl has been born at cold night!

Cold dark night!

Verse 1:

Look out! What’s up?

The child — Is so strange!

Oh, no!

Seems like a God’s Revenge,

Tonight you see

The beast Has been born.

Oh, yes!

Seems like demon’s here now!

Covered by hair

While the girl was growing up

Her father’s dying

And her brother, he was killed

So much crying

Evil damnation

I met her and fell in love

Bridge 1:

Look into your eyes

What a great surprise

Perfect fascination.

Taste of velvet skin

Gentle mortal sin

Turning to obsession, but
Now I can’t stop to feel that

Something’s wrong

Spell of your damnation’s

Very strong

Sinful passion, no confession

Born to satisfy

Live within temptation

Until you will die, you will die!

Child of vice

Look in my eyes

No compromise

Bridge 2:

Spirits of the doom

Fly into your room

When the clock strikes midnight.

Past and future sins

No way to release

You won’t sleep till daylight.

Babe, I broke your spell —

Princess of my hell

Beautiful pretender.

Time for me to pray,

I’ll be far away

And I’ll never take you there.

Take your there!

Never-never take you there!
(Bogdan Vasyliev)

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