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Twisting My Mind - text


You left me cold so alone
Like an orphaned child
It was dark and so silent
As I sat in my room
I can't explain what had happened
Or the way that I feel
i look at memories on my wall
I don't know just what to do

You're twistin my mind
Leading me blind
Throwing me out in the rain
You're tearing apart
My head from my heart
Changing my life you're to blame

Every time I pass you're house
I can't help but look
I gaze across the open meadows
From the road I see you're light
It can tell so many stories
But memories are all that's left
Why do you keep on haunting me?
Why don't you just stay away?


Where does my life go?
Which way do I turn?
Where does
My life go from here



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