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Lost Song of a Lonely Man - text

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You can see the sun setting, on the far yonder hill
Moon soon to follow, bringing stars and the light
It's the same day by day, any order anyway
You can see the mist arising
Drifting slowly across the moors
A ghostly shadow flickers, pirouettes it's lonely course
It's the same day by day, so listen to what I say
The lost song of a lonely man
No path to follow or love in hand
Lonely days and the nights are his
He walks the moors for his maiden's tears
No quill set to paper, one hundred years ago
The message of a love song, the ink he never used
Now he haunts the moors at night
Calling out till break of light
Later came the story, of a man that lived alone
And his love for a young girl,
And she didn't want to know
Now he haunts the moors at night crying out into
the night

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