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It's so much fun, when you invest
It's so much fun, being like the rest
We like to gamble, horses and health
Financial see-saw I look at wealth
It's higher, it's better, than those who have not
Cash can buy you everything
Those who say that
You don't know where to shop (cash)
Looks can get you, diamonds and pearls (loads)
Don't waste money like water
Listen to this
I need you people, I need a pretty girl
I need a fast car to move around my world
Deprived they leave you to find a way
You gotta feed your children, from day to day
This system, it grinds you, until you hit the ground
I told you
It's not much fun when you all alone
Feed the hand that bites you and you'll starve at home
I want to gamble, I need to drink
I chose these papers, I need to think
Because I work hard, to help you
Now I'm living from day to day

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