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Rebellion - text


To talk 'bout the pleasures of life
It's easier than to face reality
While thousands are dying of hunger
A few people eat until they get sick

The church teachs me how to love
One love they can't give us
The nation teachs me how to wait
For a future that always seems to fade
At school they force me to learn
Silly things that don't matter to me

The system has to go on
The truth may not appear
The poor will remain poor
In a society reigned by fools

Open your eyes to the world
Life is more than we can see
We can change the future
'cause it is in our hands
You only have to want
There is much more to see
You only have to think
And together rise again
Start again
The power of life
To win
Changing everything
You only have to believe
That we have the power

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