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Lashing of the Flames - text


We must face a threat to all civilisation:
Dogmatic ideology with nuclear capacity
Whose frenzied faithful all desire
Apocalypse for their messiah.

Lusting for a perfect world's ecstatic contradictions
And bewildered by the prospect of creating it themselves,
Credulous fools with theocratic convictions
Would bring about cessation of life on Earth.

Behold a world their faith inspires:
A howling void now empty
Of church going choirs.

Bats ascend to boiling peaks where dancing glimmers roar,
While crackles sired with flickering beaks at ashes on the floor.
Asphyxiating vortex winds cast corpses away.
From immolation death we're destined to decay.

Is this the result you had in mind?
Can you accept the legacy left behind?

Into thy hands...
Into thy hands I feel the lashing of the flames!

The end of life is like a blazing sunset -
The last time colour fills the sky;
For what lies beyond is engulfing dark
Where even dreams are left to die.

Into thy hands...
Into thy hands I feel the lashing of the flames!

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