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Preacher, preacher, lend me your ear,
What kind of king, leads his kingdom in fear.
Preacher, oh divine deceiver,
Yeah, what can you do to save me now?

I never thought I’d have to call you out like this,
But I can’t stand by anymore...
The holy sheep, still claiming your there,
You take what we love just to show us you care?
Liar, you lurk there in shadows, forever praying on the weak,
But I will lift the veil on the secrets you keep.

As I search and search, Through chapter and verse, I always fail to see the words, right in front of me…

Just forget, everything you’ve been told,
Take a page outta my book let your story unfold
And find something to believe in (Believe in me)
And I know, the damage is done,
that doesn’t mean you can’t stand for something.
I won’t be silenced by fear, I’d rather fall forever.

They say you sent your son to die for us?
So tell me now are you proud of us?
Coz we reap what we sow, but we reap till it’s gone,
If we’re made in your image… you fucking made us wrong.

So tell me, what kind of king, leaves his kingdom to burn,
While the blind lead the blind in the name of his church.

This all comes down on you, you, you’ve fallen shy of the mark.
Why must the innocent pay for your mistakes.

Let me tell you something

And if you need, something to believe in, then just believe in me.

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