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I gotta learn to let go
This darkness, it finds its way through the deepest stretch of night
There's nowhere to hide
In the back of my mind is where I'll reside

We never planned for this to become my only escape, the only way out
I can't do this alone
There's more for me here but this road is long
I'll overcome these feelings but things haven't gone to plan
Wipe the slate clean, erase it
I swear to you
Now I'll embrace it

Is this all in my head?
A deafening voice that leads me to fear
That I will never ever, never ever know
Just exactly what it means to be happy
It's so hard to break away
To try and tell myself it's not too late
It's not too late to make a change

If this is the end, then make me a martyr
I'll pave the way for our sons and daughters
So they will never have to face their demons all on their own
No I won't let go
I won't let go
But the mind can be a terrible thing
Just don't let it sink in

Will I break away, find a new escape?

Cause this mindset is eating me up inside
Like a cancer pulling me from the light
Is this just another apparition?
Judging myself on every past decision
This constant noise, it never seems to end
Screaming at myself from inside my head

I share my head with another
And it's not welcome here
Sometimes at night it keeps me awake
As I stare at the ceiling contemplating my fate
It whispers sweet regrets that I must learn to live with
Singing me to sleep with the same sad songs
Please tell me there is more to me
( Give it up or you'll never stop falling )

So remember just one thing, don't let it sink in

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