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Pride : Of Might And Mane - text


This is a call to the wild lands

So many times you tried to break, break away
But now you're paralysed
Bound to the roots that you buried beneath me

I can't believe the clarity, it comes to me
Thank you for giving me the gift to see clearly just exactly who you really are

Oh how apathy finds me

And I remember that day and the words that you said to me
Just remember your worth
You gotta ride out the worst
There is another way to find a way through the hate to find love and appreciate how to embrace the change

For better, for worse, the lesson we've learnt
All have an impact on the way we leave our mark on the world
Embrace the hope that spills from your hollow soul
And don't you leave a single word unsaid
Just let your voice be your weapon
Then they'll never underestimate you again

And on those sleepless nights
That's where you lie awake
I hope you learn to live with the mistakes you've made

This is a call to the wild lands

It's never ending
Counting the hours, hours into days
Everything we built, it all slips away
This life is parallel and I will stay the course
I just need you to know, you fucking disgust me

At least now I see the light

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