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Please tell me this is a nightmare
Cause these feelings cannot be real
I can't believe you've been taken from me without saying goodbye
One question taints my lips
Will time heal these wounds?

I can't believe that the day has come
Knowing now, I will never see your face again
If I'd known so many years ago
I would have cherished every single second
But now I have to face the facts
That you're not coming back
And no matter how much this hurts
I will keep pushing forward

Please don't go
Cause I can't take this journey without you
It's like I'm lost inside my own mind
Now you're gone, who's left to guide me?
Before the path below me subsides
These days turn to weeks in the palms of my hands
But I'll remember you the best that I can
Always the one that knew me the best
I can't bring you back but I'll never forget

Breathe, oh God please breathe
I won't let him take you away from me
Just breathe, you won't burn away into the sulphur
Nothing will ever tarnish your legacy
I will follow into your footsteps until it kills me

I haven't slept for days
I'm sick of sinking through the cracks you left when you went away
But I must carry on, be strong for those I love
I swear I'll never forget you

You will always be more than just a memory
Now I take this road alone, I know you're watching over me

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