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I wish I knew what to say to you to bring you peace of mind
But I am just as lost as you
Still trying to find the clarity to see things clearly for what they truly are
No longer will I stand here alone, content to reside in the dark
I will illuminate the path that lies ahead of us
So won't you follow me?
This is who we are
We are children of the fire and we will always burn so bright Lead you through the darkest nights
Just so you'll know you're never alone

You feel unstable, you feel unsure
Can't you see the truth through the lies anymore?
You feel your stomach sink
You feel it in your bones
The voice inside your head beckons from below
And I've seen it, I've been where you are
I can't lead by example but I've come this far

Too far to fail, too far to come undone
Too far to fail, foo far to fall
I've dwelled so low in the ocean's depths
And parted waves just to wait for the worst to end
But when all's said and done my friend
I guess we'll never learn

Yeah just so you know
Yeah you're never alone

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