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They've fucking damned us all
Falling short to false idols
Try standing tall with no ground to stand on
And I swear I tried to see a wide perspective
Heed these words, cause we have to fight this

When did we grow so cold?
Let greed and lust take a hold?
I wish it all made sense
I can't stand by and be told that no matter if it's wrong or right
Every choice we make are all but based upon a price

So some may say that we've gone too far
And there's no turning back now
But I can't stand by just to watch it all burn
I know there has to be another way
To find a way out of the mess we've made
This is the time for change or we will only have ourselves to blame

I'm falling to my knees
I can't believe what I've seen
Every day it gets worse
And I'm finding it harder and harder to breathe
I guess we'll have to learn the hard way
They have damned us all
We place our faith in hollow hands, in ill appointed arbiters

In a world that refuses to open its eyes
Will you remain blind or just bide your time

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