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Bible Belt - text


There are nights, so vacant and hushed,
I can feel the texture of my tattered soul moving within me.
Black tar, dripping, sticky and thick.
A soft, slow secretion of indifference slopping
Through the hollow suit I use as a body.

They say these are the words of a damaged mind.

But not I.
To me, this is insurgency.

I used to dream of being inside the womb.
Fetal universe, black holes and emptiness.
Orbiting the massive planet of my mother's booming heart.
Tiny yolk body, tethered like an astronaut
Adrift in the tranquil spume of desolate bliss.
Tiny fingers inching from chubby stems,
Reaching for that great thumping whoosh of blood
And power that wobbled like a snarling god above me.
My fibrous head translucent as a bell jar,
Would search with great staring eyes deep
Into the godless dark for a light,
For a sign, for anything other than indifference.
But the universe would never oblige.

Look upon me: a daughter of a child and a monster.

Frozen without cold feeling nothing unsure, uninspired
Veins full of air, soul fading into the umbra

Who are they to say what is moral when they are broken?
Who are they to say anything about us?

All this, all this,
and I want to sledgehammer
and leave nothing but dust

To dust
To dust
To dust

Strangled by a Bible belt
Strangled by a Bible belt
Strangled by a Bible belt
Strangled by a Bible belt
Strangled by a Bible belt
Strangled by a Bible belt

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