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You and I connect, when you and I first meet
I take you by the hand, and then we climb up to the peak
When we get to the peak, you and I disrobe
It dissipates the glow and now we’re heading for the slope
I head in to the settings, shutting off the read receipts
Then I text back on the ride home “sorry, fell asleep”
Try to keep you off the know, but you read me like a book
Then Mariah blindfolds me and she tells me I can't look
And I don't say a word. I just obey
(We are so susceptible. Ideals are malleable)
Feel a heart touch your hand through a ribcage
(And once we head this slope, all that we can do is roll)
And I know, what I think you know
It's just a matter of time
Till I meet a choice I'm faced with time after time:
To love or to hide... (I’d bet I head for the slope)
I bet I head for the slope
I bet I head for the slope

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