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Beyond Eternity 3 - The Vision - text

The secret garden will be on fire
The earth will tremble under desire
Oh rivers will run human blood
Nature’s defiance towards man will come

Each killing passed into our genes
Killing our species see where it leads
Oh storing your surplus they die
Your light snuffs out in mind

We people now are calling you
Sons of the ones who didn’t care
Oh knight ride from the past
Let hope shine at last

My duty is to protect the weak
Create a better world for all
No fear will live in my heart
Knights will rise from lands vast

Freedom honour and chivalry!

Beyond Eternity I will go I will see
Victory over lies on the earth paradise

The end is near!!

Freedom honour and chivalry!

Our blood was holy before birth
Our eyes were ever shining bright
The chains of slavery we’ll rend
Eternal knight you’ll live again

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