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Beyond Eternity 1 - The Parting - text

The manor miles behind my back
My woman there in tears and wait
Two days away from the old life
To fight I go in knightly oath

Her eyes are haunting my grim days
Last days of life for the battle slain
And still this forest that I’m in
Seems to have known my present pain

Five days of sad ride to the strife
With my heart bleeding from within
Will I ever see my unborn son
My duty holds life’s prison keys

My doubts a burden in my head
The opening of war a wrong
But once the word is issued out
No going back, onwards to our end

Our arms again shall dip in blood
Of brothers under Godly sight
An ancient crime as old as man
But blind obedience we’re taught

My eyes so full of anger wrinkle
With all the grief that is in death
So many questions tear me apart
Perhaps I’ll find the answers there

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