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I try to stay awake
while everything collapses,
we directly go to a hopeless place.
The future is a shadow
that blinds the eyes
and it covers the last will
of human race.
In the darkest hour, alone
with consciousness,
when the greatest of elections raises,
there´s no cure for this disease,
lost in wickedness,
It’s time to choose the true wishes
If evil drags me, who can stop me?
If I let myself go just on my own,
who will suffer my cruelty?
It's painful to fight,
I don´t want to fight,
It's painful to fight
against the dark enticement.
At the beginning of the end,
surrounded by destruction.
morality, ethics, or the reason
no longer makes sense.
I want to fight against
this cruel anxiety
that seeks me out from inside
the original sin.
I curse you son of man,
you can´t escape,
you will fall in the decay
of this miserable world,
and that will be your end!
And evil drags me, nobody stops me
and I let myself go just on my own, everybody suffers my cruelty.
It´s pleasant to fall in to the evil,
to fall into the dark enticement.

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