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The Aftermath - text


Colonized in your cells, sickness, constant shifting
Too late to be afraid, organs, liquefying
Blood spews from every hole, in your, lifeless body
Masses fall from disease, plaguing, every human, still contagious

Hemorrhagic virus which is no longer contained
Rate of death grows faster, no one is immune
Thousands perish daily, dead blood flowing
Panicked sheep all screaming, rampage of fleeing
Fever racks your body, skin is burning
Human beings slowly die
One path to death, this outbreak
Many ways we all can die
Silent killers' drawing flys

Aftermath - final path
Aftermath - final path

Mass extinction calling
Human race is falling
Corpses now dissolving
World is rendered silent
No more plagues of violence
Mother Earth defiant

Now life exists, without humans
New life unfolds, unimpeded
See new days, Earth will flourish
Worlds bane dead, free of cancer
Pollution, will deminish
Our plague ends, we won't return
The sixth wave, of extinction
Self destruct, we killed ourselves
Horizon, sights still unseen
Aftermath of our extinction

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