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Expulsion of Fury - text

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Time has come - to an end FOR THE CENTER OF LIFE
Metamorphosis of a STAR
Fury burst froth from the SURFACE OF THE SUN
Expansion consuming ALL
The Prophecy - not a sun that returns - BUT A SUN THAT DIES
What has always been feared ABOUT TO COME CLEAR
Heat burns our oxygen based SKY
In a instant
Life - no more
Instantly everything dies
Expulsion of Fury
Death - this mortal coil
Existence - as we know it no more
Death - this mortal coil
Existence - as we know it no more
The masses they pray in disbelief
Were art thy father now
Ominous is our significance
Planetary consumption by a star
Famine disease pestilence world war BRINGS DEATH
Martyrs mourned masses cry VENGEANCE
Earthquakes seas boil mountains CRUMBLE as
Cities turn to dust THEN BURN
The sun scorches the earth with intense HEAT AS
The oceans dissipate BURN AWAY
The splitting of the moon ANOTHER
Catastrophic cataclysm OUR END OF DAYS
Our lone life form exists no more
The death to our known universe sentience
The one universal truth as always
In death a new beginning from an end.

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