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Consequence of Solution - text

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Preconceived notion, with no thought of regret
Based on previous actions, no more can you forget
Without thought or reason, the future is ill disposed
The consequences of your actions, your fate to never know
Unable to see
Your life's destiny
Recognition of reality after its occurrence
Vision without action is a day dream
Action without vision is a nightmare
Throughout life
Guilt Sadness Shame and Embarrassment
Time tells no lies
Life's choices are always disguised
There is no way of knowing what life's path leads to
You must believe in the actions that you choose
Life is a maze constantly changing
A labyrinth of the mind
People are not what they appear to be
Altering life's choices for you to decide
Which path to lead
Which path to follow
A future unseen
Discovered tomorrow
A reaction to every action
One we do not know
That leads to another discovery
To another path unknown
Consequence - Of Solution
Predetermining - Your Future
Future............ Future Unknown

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