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Opposite, inversion, polarize, ostrasize
Counteract, rise against, oppose all, agonize
Opening our path to ending, contravene in antipathy
Kill to, breed peace, death to, all war
Unordain, opulence, to install, turbulence
Infamous, oration, to dispose, all of us
Confronting our worst enemy, sub-atomic anatomy
Methods, implode, doomsday, explodes
Conflicts of man, come to a head, already dead - Worlds unborn
Breeding to feed, our destiny, unholy peace - Nauseating
Nuclear tools, amassed by fools, already used - Unreduced
Society vaporizing - Uncreating, reprimanding
Antithesis, preeminence, dead sacrament - Barbaric
Rapture in peace, calm misery - Aberrant, sacrificing
Time not death, the destroyer - Of all worlds
See answers, before questions - No life means no war
Time is death, and time brings life - Worlds reborn
Death brings time, kill to breed peace - No questions exist
Addicted to
Our failure looms
Drawn to deaths door, Just like before
Our history
Perish the thoughts, Dwell in our faults
Open hell's vaults
Forsaken, lost, Damn all the costs
Damn all the lost - costs
I am become death, The destroyer of worlds
I am become death, The destroyer of worlds
I am become death, The destroyer of worlds
I am become death, The destroyer of worlds
The antithesis of life and dying
Screaming through the skies
The antithesis of life or death
Leaves us vaporized

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