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Future in agony - Perfect murders
Patterns of destiny - Demand blood
Death is necessity - Vague the meaning of reasoning
Painful fatality - Torture you, pain so true
Instant depravity - Psychopath on task to maim
Calculate languishing
Axiom of hatred, equated
Shackled in, pure torture
Inhumane, measuring
Torn and splayed, twisted legs
Dungeon of, torment and disease
Demonstrate, how much pain, you will take
Excited, I become, with your fate
Intensely, calculate, how you die
My needs are, satisfied, as you cry
Injecting, vile poison, in your veins
Blood thickens, the sickness, freely reigns
Tissue bleeds, and decays, dissolved brains
Horrid mess, pours from you, still alive
Methods to, dismember, slow and sure
One by one, your limbs fall, to the ground
Flesh peeled to, wear your skin, as you watch
With your blood, I will paint, your last words
Algorithm of death
Theory of murdering
Methods taking life
Algorithms to pain
Art from a, mind that is, soon to die
Muffled screams, agony, fills your mind
Eyes chewed out, by the rats, I have fed
Cunning plans, to please my, pain in minds

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