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High (feat. The Fairchilds) - text


I think I lost my soul, just like you said I would, when I lost you.
I feel cold as a stone, yes I feel numb and cold, since I've lost you.
But when I close my eyes, I see your shining star, guiding me through.
I would so wanna fly, spread my wings in the sky, underneath you.

I'm High So High

I just walk on the line, don't know with who or why, but I need it.
With your soul next to mine, I'm a ghost not a man, do you feel it?
And the tears in my eyes, desperately ran dry, I can't hide it.
Will to live, I can try, broken on the inside, let this boat sink.

I'm High So High

If I don't blame myself for this painful descent, tell me who do you think I could blame.
If I don't take the chance, if I can't live again, do you think someone would even care.
'Cause I'm so scarred, I'm tied, you're the needle running
through my veins.
Just tell me how I can survive.

I'm High So High

Just tell me how I can survive.

I'm High So High

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