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Something Beautiful - text

I turned that mans first born to sand
In fact, that's how you have that castle
That you dreamed of, that you wanted
I am here to fix everything.

I took your toothy grin, and left a patch of skin.
I took her batting lashes, changed them from blonde to ashes.
I took the boy with the giant head, and I made his body smaller and his neck too thin.
I took that tongue of that annoying neighbor child, yes, I split it down the middle, let it bleed there for a while.

You are so small, she said...
You are so small.

Hey, while you were out there serving wine
I was up here in the balcony, turning faces white, I said
Hey, while you were out there kissing babies
I was luring kids with lollypops, and now they're pushing daisies.

You are so small.

You will not be heard from for a long time
You will not be found with your rightful hands or eyes
When your mother finds you, you won't believe her cries
Wish the child gone missing had been the child who died.

Hey, you, I can be a miracle man too
Hey, you, I can change everything.
Hey, you, I can be a miracle man too
Hey, you, I can fix everyone.

I turned that mans trophy wife to brass
He'd barely notice a difference.
I taught him she served us no fucking purpose.
I am here to fix everyone.

"Goddamn," you might say.
"Quite the talent," I'd say.

Temper, temper.
Patience, patience.

Don't change me into...

You will not be heard from for a long time
I will be around because, fear will never die
And if they should find you, it'd be a sight to see.
A mass of flesh and muscle, a pile of pulp and teeth.

I am finally a kingdom.
Make use of all the skills that you once told me I had
Took a town of some brains, but mostly fat, and turned them to something beautiful.

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