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Megaloblastic Madness - text

she cant be well...shes got the look of pots left out.
strange left over
browns and greens seeping from her lids in streams
oh no!
this cant be
right...shes been leaking from her pores all night.
off white and yellow and
in between like a kettle hot about to steam
and i grow quite confused
out a map or drawn instructions whats a man to do?
she is just a mess
thing you might find growing off of something you would never
touch without
some goggles and a mask
dr shes not looking well.quite frankly sir she looks
like hell
i must confess, im no doctor and id like to wash my hands of this

entire mess

oh this virus!
how cute it likes us!
its sweet and it gets
inside us!
we move just like it wants us to we swell and stink and pulse and

i bet this makes sense to the physicist
to me its a whole lot of
x's and y's and the whole lack there of
me and mr science are about
to square off
and engage in an old fashioned bout of fisticuffs

if we must
talk of science and human life,ill pose my queries say
what i know and sir
well both be up all night
cant make sex with out a chemistry set
if it
has seven ears it might be inbred
relations between man and beast are strictly
im only hearing from 5 ears but it seems to make sense
cant make
love if its not in proper time
if it has 5 legs well then its not one of
relations between mind and body just cause the eyes to strain
trying to
make sense of signs that point to lasting pain
you cant fight biology

tries to get up from her bed
the sheets are sticking to her skin and we cant
tell her that shes
turning iinto something new ,an unclassified new breed of
she looks like hell and we want to help but will not touch.
her closest
friends they loose their lunch and we cant help her we
cant help her

oh this virus!
how cute!it likes us! its sweet and it gets inside
we move just like it wants us to.
we swell and stink and pulse and
makes sense to a physicist
and to a biologist
not to a comic book enthusiast
makes sense to a scientist and to an alchemist
not to a scientologist
makes sense to a scientist
but i get none of this
im getting
none of this...

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