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Would you dare to reflect upon the fact that you're broken
A shattered self, the surface stares blank and cold
As you fold back into your s(k)in
The flesh aches to betray, twisting the shape of your frame
So picturesque defining the depths of your mind
All which the heart fails to find in you
Recant the soul, drawing faulty conclusions
The stage is set for yet another vagary
The stage is set for more treachery
As treacherous elations transpire
These illusions are real
True emotions you hide
Will reveal the real-self inside
Mask upon mask, virtue you defy
The thicker skin the deeper the lie
Hate, vanity, lust and despair, all stand beside me
Hammer the broken back into the mold
A melodramatic volta in drawling monologues unveiled
I will not stand for the perversion in me
Would you dare to asses that your ideals are corruption at best
The surface stares blank and cold as you revel in sin
The damage don on display
Twisting the shape of your claims
Your intellect, framed into a state of mind
Controlled by what you sought to find
Drawing conclusions
The stage is set for another vagary
Watch us trade individuality for mimicry
Regress to impress, violate to instigate
Full intent, no consent
Hollowed out to fit in the mold
Is this a dogma or a fabrication
These mental alterations you carefully plant
Live the live, fake the dream, are my illusions real
The deluded acrobatics you shamelessly feed me
The body is a shrine to defile
The mind is a tool to revile
Our will is a relentless force to abuse and create
An altered self, a shadow world without end
The body is a shrine to defile, the mind a tool to revile
The will a force to abuse
The need the thirst to use
Revel in skins, repent your sins

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