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Sweat on the brow runs over faces made of snow
There comes a time in life when death may come too slow
Honesty in the necrology
The offspring smear your name in print
You have waited far too long
But Spring is set in bloom
You have conquered love inside
Yet sorrow is your doom
The debts are long since paid, inheritance is set
Still agitation reels inside, lest you forget
Lest you forget
At sunrise Friday morning, a haven for your sins
The written dedication etched into your skin
Time won't heal the wounds you bear
Between old pride and desperate prayers
Time won't heal any wounds you bear
A set few years of your life are stolen
Light cast on the obvious
Behold the white when it's faded golden
A stranger's truth holds no water here
But soon we may have learned
Dead sympathy, a aversion proceeds
A voice lives in your chest that comforts wary thoughts
Yet the brook is still too wide to bridge the gap you've sought
Honesty in the necrology
The offspring smear your name in print
You trade your vices every day religiously
A pack of vultures wait for everyone to see
You gave away too much, a harness on your kin
For any transgressions never mirrored mortal sin
Mortal sin
You're still alone
The day in zenith now, you made it through the night
Voice of perdition came and went far out of sight

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