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Pandemonium - text


If I'm alone in front the treason of gods
I hope somewhere!
Someone is watching me
I'm not, not afraid!
Waiting at the doors
I stand, I'll kill them all!
All in this place
Betrayers of the world
You've be warned don't try to do otherwise

Where were you
When my life was for you?

At the end of time
Is there someone to blame...
Hoo... I can't devise
To be free from my own line
Reach the wise of holy name
Now! With the end of time
There is someone to blame...
Nooo... I can't devise
To be a only one prime
Only one to blame as I am!

Oh I want to see what the gods are praying
In their last breath...
Their fallen tears of pain
Burst blood in my veins!

From an endless life
You fear the end of time
Till I've come!

Destroyer of the lords
Delighted by a lullaby!
Corrupted my soul
There may be the curse I will embrace
My corpse and bones spread out
A new crown... crown of dark void!

Walks in the plains
Of the nevermore
I'm a reaper of souls
Who's condemned to freeze
On a lonely road...

I must live with this curse given to me by the gods!
Blind are my eyes, believing in their faith is just like a
treasure of my own my flowing rest painting new ways
to you, my Pandemonium!

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