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Through the sacred hole she stares at the three flames in the dark and damp ground.
En Erebos, phos, In umbra lux
Invoking her power, her effigy will come to life.
Dance in a violent vortex of spirals and you will hear her voice.
I celebrate Ecate lady of the crossroads, of the moon and the night.
I celebrate Ecate in the woods of Avern.
In your pale hands you raise the torch that lights our way.
The way through the darkness where the shadows hide the sacred mysteries.
Dark light of the three worlds, lady of the keys, guardian of hell and human psychi. Lighten my path to your winter reign with your moon scythe.
Silver shines in her eyes, because you are the cast and the meretrice, the lymph and death.
In your complete and stronger than any other,
Guide me, because obscurity for you has no secrets
In the Avern the torch dims out in the darkness.
Ecate, Ecate, Dark Mother take me in.
Ecate, Ecate, let me be reborn.
Ecate, Ecate, let me be transformed.
Ecate, Lady of the crossroads, I stand where three paths meet.
Ecate, Lady of the crossroads, I ask that you guide my feet.

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