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Who Saw the Last Star Fall - text


Who saw the last star fall
Who heard the first note of death's song

Why is it now I have to wait
No place to hide, no true escaping
Left all alone for no man's sake
My planet home will lose today

Who can feel the ocean's cry
Who will bid the last blue sky goodbye
I've lived only half of my life to be
Not chosen was this day of mine (time unwinds)
Today we all share the same destiny
Tomorrow our fate will be all as one

Who saw the last rose bloom
Who tasted life's sweet end too soon

Now I can feel the mountains shake
All cities obliterated
Farthest from this fist I stand
The last one to die is my plan

Who makes our nightmares true
Who first knew "there's nothing we can do"

The fires will burn all except the sky
The sun will be leaving us soon (time to die)
Today we'll all have the same destiny
Tomorrow our fates will be all as one

I'll wait here
As Lucifer's last star does fall
I'll be here
I shall leave all of my thoughts to you

Text přidal paja65

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