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The Waterfall Enchantress - text


A crystal river is flowing and falling below. Fact or fiction I've heard the tale of death lady's cove.
Many men come here to seek the enchantress divine, lured by her power to heal saddened, heartbroken minds.
She stands behind the falls that crush the bodies onto jagged lime. Blood mixed with water a crimson stream
now washes through mine.

I can hear her song, a haunted melody.
I can now see her face, unequaled beauty.

Legend does say
a fearless heart will cross the falls unharmed.
But who doth have
a fearless heart that's also broken

A warrior am I who's fought not wars of swords and armor.
The thirst of loneliness I've tried to quench for all my life.

Moving closer I gaze onto healing emerald eyes. Song of solace breathes through the lips of soothing red wine.
Long flowing hair blows through whispers of wind from my dreams. Two arms that will embrace and hands
that will caress my longing face.

Her voice now calls me clear, my fear's abandoned.
Lustful were other men, whose souls have fallen.

Can't see the spray that whips my face and robs the air I breathe.
Thunder falls, such power that it dwarfs my body.

Yet I continue on even if it means that I will drown
to know that I have felt the hope she gives forever moving.

Moving on and on. To what ending? I still hear her song.
Under or through the waterfall I now shall go.


Behind me water falls, my body is left behind.
My soul now in her arms, enchanted I'll remain
on, on forever on... forever enchanted.

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