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Storm Coming Soon - text


A change in wind course blowing to northeast, the wrath of sky unseen,
but when the birds stop singing, crickets quiet its kind days quarantine.
The wind's kiss is getting wetter, darkening, the truth of leaves now lie.
Even though the air's electric, so eclectic, I choose not to hide.

It's time to cleanse the land again, so red was the morning sky.
The endless clouds look so fed. The strongest elements collide.
Welcome to nature's greatest show by the eye of the morning moon.
With a twisted smile I now know... storm coming soon!

Humble branches bow and face the other way, the sky's now evil green.
Electric claw of lightning, applaud, power so unseen.

One with the storm I here will stand, so red was the morning sky.
On a higher plane I will command. The strongest elements collide.
To see the center of it all by the eye of the morning moon.
Wisdom I'll find or I shall fall, storm coming... soon.
From the red of the morning sky
by the eye of the morning moon,
storm coming soon

Bridge I feel sheltered yet I'm still outside.
Now I enter onto the unknown inside.


One day you'll know
By the red of the afternoon,
by the light of the evening moon,
midnight coming soon

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