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Absolution Mine - text


Scared, oh where of body disappeared, kidnapped of my mate without a trace.
(no case)
Tried to find, until I lost my mind. What crypt found on this earth would hold your place?
(I am)
Lost of cause not knowing where you are, or more important dead or you alive.
(I need)
To know the fact, final answer if you will. If I only could sleep now once again.

here I am at the end.
realized finalized.
without a sound, you are found.
seek my peace of mind.

But wait, too late. Unfinished still I feel. Revenge is my own way to feed my rage.
(I have)
Found the clown who toys with evil thoughts. Good deeds were things that he lost long ago.
(here I)
hide with time, patience is on my side. When sleep will gall of then I shall now strike.
Life you took, the method you will share and absolutely you will say good-bye

once again at the end.
realized finalized.
all is said, now you're dead.
found my peace of mind.

Bridge Final, finne, over, ending, all my past thoughts gone.
Good does it feel when your mind can heal and life can now move on.
I feel satisfied.
Absolution mine!!


Absolution mine!
Absolution mine!!

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