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I´m so scene kid - text


I'm So Not Scene
My Name Is Rod Danger
Don't Call Me Emo
If you're not scene you're a stranger.

To call me Scene.
That's so obsene.
My mommy tucks me in at night.
But don't treat me like a child.

MySpace is my best friend,
I'll add you if you're tool.
I mean if you're scene...
I mean if you look cool.

I'm not a clone.
Stop calling me a carbon copy.
I'm as independent as it gets,
Which is why all my friends rook arike.

If you're scene like me.
Call me on my celly.
We talk about bands and parties.
My mom doesn't know about my tongue ring.

I wear logos on my shirts,
I wear tight pants,
My shoes are so retro,
But don't you call me EMO!

Some people say that we're from the 80's
How cool is it to dress up as your mom and dad?
Our hair is the wave of the future.
Or just one massive comb over.

My favorite band is...
All of them.
I memorize every song.
My life is in music and the mirror.
I stab you if you take my iPod.

Some people say we're punk,
That we just copy geezers from the past,
Conforming isn't us... I mean them.
We're original because we're historical.

I got turned down for a job today,
Maybe it's the hair, or the make up or the glasses, or the jeans, or my face.
Or society?
I think it's because they're not scene like me.

If I miss this concert I'm a tool.
If I don't listen to that song I'm a tool.
If I don't have that piercing I'm a tool.
If I don't act like a tool I'm a tool.

I'm So Scene...
Wait no I'm not.
Don't call me scene.
Call me ROBOT.

I'll see you on MySpace
The home of true friends,
We are Scene,
For we are many.

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