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I fear, only in death
There will be freedom
From all warkind
May we all fall a victor
They named me a killer
I learned to walk
I learned the blade
To cut the soul from the soldier
Now is the time to test my faith
I of war
I of chaos
We of gods
Create the hell
Seek the cause
My eyes, they fail me
In my world blood is priceless
Life is worth more
When it's lifeless
Death comes closer
Apprehensive delay
Hands take over
You slip away (away)
Colors of earth
have all faded away
All that I see
Is the pale of your face
Death calls, I answer
I see it through
The voices of reason
Were buried with you
I fear, only in death
There will be freedom
For all mankind
May you all rest in pieces
I carve the earth's gutters
All will submerge in crimson lakes
In the pools of my brothers
For blood is thinner
Than my blade
I of war
Liberated the eye of chaos
And devastated
We of gods
Create the hell
Pleas are lost
Your eyes, they fail you

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