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Scars - text


From the east the dawning breaks
Coating shards of earth
Watchful eyes are grazing the peril chasing
Still they must venture

Unyielding iron scornful in delicate hands
They heave the cravings of boundless cancer
Braced to endeavour, yet I could barely crawl
Should it sever my heart from yours

Keep me close to you
Lest I drift away
Guard me from the woes
They will merely make
A penny’s worth of bleeding
A fortune spent in healing
And serve the mirth to devils
For whom my toil is given

Pray for sleep
The rainfall of embers
Bathe me deeply as I reach
For your face
The icon of mercy
Will you take me from this place?

They rise and dictate the ruthless nihilist
In reeking mantles all made of vermin
Such hunger, to the dirt – infectious savagery
They are the bile permeating reason

Whence appeared the scent and taste
Of God and love and wealth
And whither do they translate
Into assets unknown to pathos

“...As a victim of a holocaust he hath received them
And in time there shall be respect had to them”
(From Wisdom of Solomon 3:6)

Scorching heat, the panting shrieks
Water boils in earth
Dreary looms the freedom, the scars of Eden
Our death is trivial

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