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Insolence - text


Hear the sound of you
Trying so hard to follow
When having gathered hatred
Can hardly bear another

It cleared the slate for all less bland
All the anger
Fed the strength anew
Darkness came
As I left, you were standing
Senses lost to all
I saw the empty stare

Distorted, it faintly carries over
Beckons all broken
All scattered and fragmented
Mindless and numbing
A permeating hopelessness
Manipulated apathy

Enter partially devoured
Carelessly divided
Shelter all the shadows altered
Got there last to serve the dark

Never seen
Hidden well
Never known what it may be worth

Broken will
Leading on
Learned so well how to ask for more

Given all what is left
Nothing carries over
Nothing will remain
All the filth that I have seen
The scenes I have endured
In memory no more

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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