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Never Feel Shame - text


Never feel shame
whatever you've got
However you live
Wherever you've gone
Wishing all way
To get the very best
Think what you´ve got
Allways the rest

Never feel shame
Never your seen
Try with gear
To loose in your dream
When you´re in here
And after that all
When you´re affraid
Say of tomorrow

Never feel the shame

Never feel shame
If you could'nt stay
Whatever you're worth
To what off to pay
If living was hard
And all of you try
And if you were last
Just live the bad side

Nothing leave highs
And see you well from
Willy take care
When you're wrong
Will you allways
Trying the best
Sitting it all
At to a chair

Do'nt be ashemed

To dream every night
To wait and all with delight
To love who even with dream
How could it would be?
To work maybe again
To live happyer men
Without my trouble and fright
Yeah, that would be lie

Never feel shame
Be free and today
Want free tomorrow
And free yesterday
Shut all the goal.
Shut it and all
Call free now
Free it no more

Never feel shame
to bring me a dress
don't bring a goal
practice my hand
party of goes
there is new song
party of goes
don't feel the sorrow.

Do'nt be ashemed

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