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Dearest, dearest here's a song
Beautiful, so bright and young
You got mojo, you got soul
full of colours, pearls and poetry
Climbing over cemetery walls
Watering the sea
Fire is fire, that is all
Don't go in the crazy car
Stream of gold from your guitar
Good old, good old Lolita
You're a diva, you are strong
Baby, what the hell is wrong?
What is wrong with vanity?
Why not just embrace it?
A pop star is a pop star
Don't go in the crazy car
Please be aware of the crazy car
Please don't go to America
Here's your home, here are your friends
waiting still, until this ends
Please, please think inside the box
Only for a moment
We have made it circle shaded
for you
Don't go in the crazy car
Don't go in the crazy car
Don't go in the crazy car
Don't go in the crazy car

Text přidal Bohususlav23

Text opravil Sigur

Videa přidali Bohususlav23, Sigur

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