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Oliver good life freestyle - text


And I ain't got a single thing to cry about
New house, got some gold in my mouth
With some California girls, gon' fly em out, ey
Finally moved out my mama's house, ooh

I'm with a blonde bitch and her friends, ey
Yeah, seein' 20/20 'cause all four of these bitches is 10's, ey
I imported a whip with the tints, ey

Hotel suites, and YSL jeans
Hot boy somethin' like Wayne in the 90's
Got a bad one chillin' beside me
I always got the whole damn crew behind me
I pulled up in a truck like that
And she leave me, she gon' run right back, ooh, yeah
How he stuntin' like that?
We spend a lil money an' we jug it right back

I just wanna kick it with a pretty brunette
Roll another swisher, pour a lil Moët, yeah
Walk up in the party they like "Where these hoes at?"
And if you tryin' to find me, I be where the hoes at

I been dreamin' bout the good life since I was a kid
Now its half-naked bitches all over the crib
Now the paper in my pocket 'bout as thick as my bitch
And all you label-advance rappers should stick to the script

Always doin' what you told 'cause you know you a bitch
Shawty breakin' down the swisher, got some liquor to sip
And the brand new Rolls came equipped with a bitch
And I worked hard my whole life for this life that I live, yeah

And I ain't snapped in a minute
Love songs got these females catchin' them feelings
When I step up to the mic, I give a fuck if you feel it
Came a long way, man, but it's just the beginning, ahhh

Girl, you fuckin' with a young boy, come through
Pull up with the suicide doors, no sunroof
Did it for the fans, god damn it, I love you
I'm the living proof you can do whatever it is you want to

Hundreds blue, you ain't gotta count it
I'm sippin' on a brew, doin' doughnuts in the Audi
I had to step it up 'cause my songs hard, but the bars lousy
Weed smoke thick, got your bitch so drowsy

Ahh yeah, lemme hear it
The fans goin' nuts, you can smell the team spirit
It's a brand new year and you know we finna get it
Cloudboys CEO, real talk bitch, I live it, ooh

Tell me how it feel, tell me how it feel
It feel good, don’t it?

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Video přidal Sadboywalker

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